Field Programme Management Information System (FPMIS)
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25 Nov 2021 FPMIS Support How to ask for help
Please note that effective 25/11/2021 the generic mailboxes associated to FPMIS

will no longer be monitored

the only mailbox to be used is the [email protected]

( )

18 Jan 2022 FPMIS Budget Processing - Related Service Interruption
Due to GRMS and COIN maintenance schedule, budget and DWH related functions in FPMIS will remain unavailable from 29th January 2022 at 05:00 hrs until the 29th January 2022 at 14:00 hrs Rome Time (GMT+1)

For more details kindly see the GRMS and COIN maintenance schedule from January to June 2022

Consequently, the FPMIS budget module will be unavailable during this period
The table below summarizes the FPMIS process areas that will remain unavailable during the indicated period.




Project Approvals

Suspended for the entire period.
Relevant buttons and links will not visible

Budget Revision Endorsement

Data warehouse reports

The FPMIS DWH links will remain available but may not work

Corporate Data

Financial, HR and assets will be refreshed upon the reopening GRMS

Reference Data

Organization Codes, Country/Donor Codes etc will be refreshed upon the reopening of GRMS

03 Jan 2022 FPMIS INFO


      Dear Colleagues,

      From January 2022, FPMIS has a new interface for the Approvals and Delivery report (formerly known as FPSAA), which brings several improvements for users.

      The new report provides a more reliable, streamlined mechanism to generate Approvals and Delivery statistics, while at the same time improving the granularity, consistency, reliability and retrievability of data.

      The new report is updated on a daily basis and includes Approvals based on the posting of approved project budgets to GRMS (both new approvals and revisions, including budget reductions), while Delivery (both Actuals and Commitments) are loaded directly from DWH. Values are therefore consistent with GRMS and IMIS data, facilitating verification and reporting.

      The data is now available with monthly granularity (Year-Month) in the same format used for the IMIS periods, instead of the previous Year only. This allows the users to retrieve data on any given period range.

      In addition to the improvements indicated, the FPMIS team also took the opportunity and reviewed the list of projects excluded from the statistics, following the current understanding of the Field Programme.

      By clicking on the related link, a list of excluded projects will appear indicating, amongst other information, the reason for the exclusion from the main report. This exercise has been done in close collaboration with different business units in the Organization.

      In case of queries, please do not hesitate to contact FPMIS-Support at [email protected]

      Kind regards,

This is the home page of the Field Programme Management Information System (FPMIS). FPMIS is operated by the TC Department and provides corporate information on all activities funded from extra-budgetary resources, as well as TCP and SPFS projects funded by the Regular Programme:
  • people involved with the management, operations and technical support of field programmes and projects
  • donors who are funding technical cooperation and emergency assistance projects
  • countries that are receiving technical cooperation and emergency assistance projects
  • units and divisions that are operating and technically supporting projects
  • project pipeline information for all funding sources, by donor, region and technical subject matter
  • project operational data including budgets, delivery, approval dates, EOD and NTE dates etc.
  • documentations relating to projects such as project documents, budget revisions, QPIRs, progress and technical reports, mission reports, recommendations from the PPRC, etc.
  • documentations relating to countries such as country strategy papers, donor agreements, including internet links covering a variety of sources for each country etc.
  • direct links to the corporate Data Warehouse providing access to current financial information, including standard reports such as financial statements, project status reports and transaction listings
  • historical financial data through links to TC data bases (pending availability of this information through the corporate Data Warehouse)
  • project inventory data through a link to the inventory database maintained by AFSP
  • inventory of procedures, policies and documents relevant for field operations, including the Field Programme Manual, reports of the Field Programme Committee and the Emergency Coordination Committee
The data available in the FPMIS can be accessed through pre-configured links or through free search.

The use of information obtained from the FPMIS is for internal use by FAO staff at headquarters, Regional and Sub-regional Offices and FAO Representations only. Requests for access by non-FAO staff or institutions must be approved by the ADG/TC. Reports derived from information obtained from FPMIS and intended for reporting to Senior Management or for information of non-FAO staff need to be cleared by TCOM prior to their publishing.

FPMIS has been designed for you and we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement. If you wish, you may send an and your suggestion may be incorporated into a future release of FPMIS. Users identifying errors or omissions are kindly invited to click and report them. Please include as much information as possible when describing the problem.
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