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List of EU-Funded Projects
Project Symbol Project Title Start Date End Date Total Budget (USD)
GCP /INT/153/EC Capacity-Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements in ACP Countries - Phase 2 ("ACP/MEAs 2") 23-05-2013 21-03-2018 4,532,289
GCP /INT/157/EC Action Against Desertification: in support of the implementation of the UNCCD national action plans in Fiji and Haiti & south-south cooperation in ACP countries 28-07-2014 27-02-2019 4,962,415
GCP /INT/157/EC Action Against Desertification (A Component) 28-07-2014 27-02-2019 17,331,147
GCP /INT/233/EC Population structure of IOTC species in the Indian Ocean: Estimation with next generation sequencing technologies and Otolith micro-chemistry 01-03-2015 30-09-2019 1,529,487
GCP /INT/244/EC Food and Nutrition security Impact, Resilience, Sustainability and Transformation (FIRST) 12-06-2015 11-06-2019 33,185,841
GCP /INT/245/EC Information on Nutrition, Food Security and Resilience for Decision Making (INFORMED) 01-05-2015 30-04-2019 22,123,894
GCP /INT/258/EC Support to the IOTC Scientific Committee Program of Work 01-06-2016 30-04-2018 634,872
GCP /INT/262/EC ClimeFish - Co-creating a decision support framework to ensure sustainable fish production in Europe under CC 01-04-2016 31-03-2020 119,539
GCP /INT/272/EC Strengthening the Demersal Working Group of the Fisheries Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic 15-11-2016 31-03-2018 220,751
GCP /INT/273/EC Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development - MedAID 01-06-2017 27-04-2021 315,946
GCP /INT/317/EC Coordination to Support Fisheries Management in the Western and Central Mediterranean - CopeMed ECY9 15-01-2018 14-01-2019 580,600
GCP /INT/318/EC Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries - EastMed EC Y8 15-01-2018 14-01-2019 580,600
GCP /INT/319/EC Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries - AdriaMed EC Year 9 15-02-2018 14-03-2019 580,600
GCP /INT/320/EC Assessment and Monitoring of the Fishery Resources and the Ecosystems in the Straits of Sicily MSM 6 15-02-2018 14-03-2019 580,600
GCP /INT/321/EC Follow-up action to the 32nd FAO Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture: project to support the global capacity development umbrella programme to implement the PSMA and Complementary MCS Operations, Measures & Tools, including the Global Record 13-03-2018 12-03-2019 1,803,617
GCP /INT/696/EC Support to and Capitalization on the EU Land Governance Programme (Phase II). 16-12-2016 15-12-2020 2,787,069
MTF /INT/003/EEC EU Funded Activities (Phase IV: 2015 - 2019) carried out by the FAO European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EUFMD) 01-10-2015 30-09-2019 8,948,524
MTF /INT/011/MUL European Commission for Control of Foot-And-Mouth Disease 01-01-1981 31-12-2019 13,784,108
GCP /AFG/087/EC Strengthening Afghanistan Institutions capacity for the assessment of agriculture production and scenario development 01-01-2017 31-12-2019 2,653,928
GCP /ARM/006/EC ENPARD Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia 30-12-2014 29-12-2017 2,199,432
OSRO/RAS/701/EC Strengthen capacity of AMS to develop social protection systems for resilience 01-05-2017 31-10-2018 824,993
GCP /RAF/448/EC Strengthening linkages between small actors and buyers in the Roots and Tubers sector in Africa 09-10-2014 08-10-2018 5,688,285
GCP /RAF/509/EC SSC and independent cost-benefit assessment of the options for strategic reorientation of the CECAF 01-10-2017 31-12-2018 192,020
GCP /BGD/063/EC Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge (MUCH):Strengthening the enabling environment for food security and nutrition 01-01-2017 31-12-2020 8,492,569
OSRO/BDI/502/EC Appui à l`amélioration des capacités de résilience des populations vulnérables les plus affectées par les effets de la crise multifactorielle au Burundi 01-01-2016 31-12-2018 5,291,005
OSRO/BDI/605/EC Appui élargi à l`amélioration des capacités de résilience des populations vulnérables les plus affectées par les effets de la crise multifactorielle au Burundi (phase 2) 21-12-2016 20-12-2019 5,500,000
OSRO/CAF/801/EC Assistance d?urgence au renforcement des moyens d?existence et de la sécuritaire alimentaire et nutr 15-03-2018 14-03-2019 1,201,778
UNJP/PRC/015/EC Appui aux petits producteurs de haricots des Districts de Boko-Songho et Loudima 30-11-2016 30-11-2019 438,094
GCP /COL/069/EC Gobernanza de la tierra con las comunidades locales habitantes de áreas protegidas 27-05-2016 26-10-2019 3,628,118
GCP /COL/097/EC AMAZONIA JOVEN - Corredores amazónicos sostenibles para la paz liderados por jóvenes 01-06-2018 31-05-2020 2,644,715
GCP /CUB/019/EC Apoyo al debate técnico sobre Agroecología y Agricultura de Conservación con Decisores, Expertos y 24-07-2017 23-03-2018 87,967
GCP /DJI/004/EC Supporting Horn of Africa`s Resilience - Projet de Sécurisation des Systèmes Pastoraux (PSSP) à Djibouti 26-06-2014 25-06-2018 6,623,679
GCP /DJI/034/EC Renforcement de la Productivité des Productions Végétales et Animales á Djibouti (Re.Pro.VA). 01-02-2018 31-01-2022 7,453,409
GCP /EGY/026/EC Water harvesting and Good Agriculture Practices for Improved Livelihood and Increased and Sustained Production in Matrouh Rain-fed Agricultural areas 15-03-2017 14-09-2019 960,516
GCP /EGY/027/EC Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for sustainable improvement of quality and quantity of horticultural production of small-scale farmers in Fayoum 15-03-2017 14-09-2019 747,050
GCP /ETH/083/EC Pursuing Pastoral Resilience (PPR) through improved animal health service delivery in pastoral areas of Ethiopia 26-07-2014 25-11-2018 11,502,378
GCP /ETH/089/EC Strengthening Institutionalized Subnational Coordination Structures and Harmonization Mechanisms 20-12-2014 19-11-2018 2,857,284
OSRO/FIJ/701/EC Pro-Resilient Fiji - Strengthening climate resilience of communities for food and nutrition security 01-01-2018 31-10-2020 3,263,975
GCP /GEO/007/EC Gender sensitive socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable IDPs through co-funding of their livelihoods opportunities and promotion of their social mobilization 01-01-2016 31-12-2017 1,540,914
GCP /GEO/010/EC ENPARDII Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia 01-03-2017 16-03-2019 1,590,668
GCP /GEO/011/EC FAO support to technical assistance of MoA and delivery of agriculture services under ENPARD III 01-01-2018 30-11-2022 14,150,943
GCP /GAM/026/EC Improving food security through crop production intensification and school feeding program 03-04-2013 02-08-2017 4,966,501
GCP /GAM/038/EC Improving Food Security and Nutrition in the Gambia through Food Fortification 01-03-2017 28-02-2021 4,484,304
GCP /GAM/040/EC Agriculture for Economic Growth and Food Security/Nutrition to mitigate migration flows 01-08-2017 31-07-2021 14,848,313
UNJP/GAM/039/EC Post-Crisis Response to Food and Nutrition Insecurity in The Gambia 01-02-2017 30-06-2019 4,283,182
GCP /GBS/034/EC Appui aux producteurs pour l?amélioration de la productivité et la qualité de production de cajou en Guinée-Bissau 01-04-2016 30-09-2018 396,376
GCP /GBS/035/EC N`Tene Terra - Pour une Gouvernance foncière responsable: Appui à la mise en oeuvre de la loi foncière en Guinée-Bissau 01-12-2016 31-08-2021 3,450,000
GCP /GAZ/014/MUL Reform and Development of Markets, Value Chains and Producers` Organizations 01-09-2017 31-08-2021 29,932,736
GCP /HON/046/EC Sistema de Extensión Agrícola y Nutricional de las Mancomunidades de EUROSAN-Occidente 08-06-2016 07-06-2020 6,707,026
GCP /HAI/031/EC Assistance technique et institutionnelle au Programme d'appui à la Gouvernance de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle en Haiti 08-04-2014 08-04-2019 1,088,000
OSRO/HAI/701/EC Réhabilitation et renforcement des moyens d'existence des ménages affectés par l'ouragan Matthew 10-03-2017 30-04-2018 2,806,791
GCP /IRQ/071/EC Restoring the Water Supply for Food Production and Livelihoods in post conflict areas.. 01-06-2018 31-05-2020 7,380,595
GCP /JOR/017/EC Improving rural livelihoods, environment & green jobs opportunities in Mafraq Governorate in Jordan 01-01-2016 31-12-2018 3,287,809
GCP /KEN/076/EC Reviving ASAL Economies through Livestock Opportunities and Coordination 25-09-2014 24-09-2018 7,085,329
GCP /KEN/079/EC Increased productivity and profitability of small holder farmers through promotion and up ? scaling of GAP & CA in productive Semi-Arid areas of Kenya (IPP-GAP) 13-06-2014 12-06-2018 11,513,608
GCP /KEN/085/EC Support to the attainment of Vision 2030 through Devolved Land Reforms in Community Lands of Kenya 29-09-2016 30-09-2021 11,167,800
UNJP/KEN/086/EC Regional Development and Protection Programme in Kenya: Support to the Kalobeyei Development Programme 21-07-2016 20-07-2019 2,682,148
OSRO/LEB/502/EC Enhancing food security and livelihoods of small farmers through semi intensive egg production 10-12-2015 09-06-2018 3,333,332
GCP /SRL/062/EC "European Union - Support to District Development Programme" (EU-SDDP) 01-07-2012 31-05-2018 15,061,433
GCP /RLA/202/EC Support to the implementation of the Amazon Ecosystem-based Conservation Vision to the benefit of local communities and the preservation of ecosystem services in the Amazon region 03-02-2014 31-01-2019 6,784,262
OSRO/RLA/701/EC Strengthening of resiliency in communities, municipalities and institutions in Bolivia and Colombia, based on participatory validated strategies to reduce the vulnerability and levels of risk in livelihoods. 01-05-2017 31-10-2018 1,302,931
GCP /MCD/002/EC Mainstreaming of the National Land Consolidation Programme 01-03-2017 31-08-2020 2,653,928
OSRO/MLI/502/EC Appui à la résilience des populations vulnérables au nord du Mali: volet agricole. 21-07-2015 30-06-2018 5,592,841
GCP /MON/014/EC Support to employment creation in Mongolia (SECiM) Component 2: Piloting quality private sector work in selected livestock and vegetable value chains 01-02-2016 31-01-2020 4,686,900
GCP /MLW/067/EC Strengthening Community Resilience to Climate Change in Blantyre, Zomba, Neno and Phalombe Districts 05-06-2015 04-12-2019 6,084,071
GCP /MLW/072/EC KULIMA - Revitalising Agricultural Clusters and Ulimi wa Mdandanda through FFS in Malawi 01-06-2017 31-05-2022 30,401,738
UNJP/MLW/071/EC Afikepo - Nutrition Programme in Malawi 01-07-2017 30-06-2022 27,247,983
GCP /MOZ/111/EC National Programme on Food security - (EU-MDG Initiative - Agriculture, food security, rural development and natural resource management) 05-06-2013 30-11-2018 27,392,755
GCP /MOZ/120/EC Enhancement of cassava value chain in Gaza province 01-06-2016 31-12-2018 558,999
GCP /NAM/018/EC Strengthening the capacity of farmers to manage climate-related risks in Northern Namibia 01-03-2015 31-08-2018 1,133,786
OSRO/NIR/804/EC Restoring livelihood of IDPs, ret and vuln host fam in NE Nigeria and strengthen FS coord and analys 01-04-2018 31-03-2020 2,857,143
UNJP/NIR/068/EC Restoring and promoting sustainable agriculture based livelihoods for food security, employment, and nutrition improvement in Borno State 01-02-2018 31-01-2020 13,867,621
GCP /PNG/006/EC Technical support to the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority to implement a multi-purpose National Forest Inventory. 21-12-2014 31-03-2019 6,823,528
GCP /PAK/137/EC Improved Land Tenancy in Sindh Province 01-03-2017 28-02-2021 4,246,280
GCP /RWA/019/EC Support to the Government of Rwanda in the development of PSTA-IV and ASIP III 01-06-2017 31-05-2018 499,000
GCP /SUD/074/EC Promote the provision for legitimate land tenure rights using VGGT to conflict displaced communities including small scale rural farmers, pastoralist, and IDPs in Darfur region 07-05-2016 06-05-2019 3,401,360
OSRO/SUD/708/EC Provision of livelihood interventions to the South Sudanese Refugees and vulnerable resident communities in Allait Locality in North Darfur State, Sudan 01-08-2017 31-12-2018 645,540
OSRO/SUD/803/EC Integrated response to drought affected communities in Kassala for improving the nutrition status through restoring and sustaining food and nutrition security. 01-01-2018 31-12-2018 621,117
UNJP/SUD/080/EC Improved nutritional status of vulnerable and deprived communities in Sudan through large scale food fortification, home fortification, and the introduction of bio-fortified crops in rural communities 16-12-2016 15-12-2020 1,130,308
GCP /SEN/068/EC Renforcement de la gouvernance de la sécurité alimentaire et de la nutrition au Sénégal 18-12-2015 17-12-2018 2,192,982
OSRO/SOM/515/EC Reviving Spate irrigation in Somaliland 15-12-2015 14-12-2018 2,298,437
OSRO/SOM/516/EC Improving the genetic quality of seeds in Somalia 18-12-2015 17-12-2018 2,747,253
OSRO/SOM/609/EC No piracy: alternatives for youth living in coastal communities of Puntland, Galmudug and Mogadishu. 28-09-2016 27-03-2019 6,400,966
OSRO/SOM/807/EC Sustained drought response in rural areas of Somalia 16-03-2018 15-03-2019 2,389,486
UNJP/SOM/056/EC Programme for Sustainable Reduction of Charcoal and Alternative Livelihoods (PROSCAL) EU 25-02-2017 24-02-2020 1,676,807
GCP /SUR/003/EC Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project (SAMAP) 01-01-2018 30-09-2021 15,138,560
GCP /SSD/008/EC Enhanced Knowledge and Education for Resilient Pastoral Livelihoods in South Sudan 13-12-2014 12-06-2018 5,805,050
OSRO/SSD/703/EC Strengthening the Livelihoods Resilience of Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Communities in South Sudan cross-border areas with Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda 01-08-2017 31-07-2020 29,340,427
OSRO/SYR/601/EC Strengthening the resilience to food insecurity of crisis-affected households and communities 03-03-2016 02-07-2018 6,558,001
GCP /CHD/038/EC Appui à la mise en place d`un Système d`Information durable sur la sécurité alimentaire et d`alerte précoce (SISAAP) 08-03-2013 09-06-2018 4,828,973
OSRO/CHD/505/EC Production locale d?aliments de complément pour les enfants de 6 à 24 mois (PRO-ACT) 01-02-2016 31-12-2019 1,097,482
OSRO/CHD/704/EC Appui à la securité alimentaire pour l'amélioration de l'état nutritionnel des populations hotes, r 01-05-2017 31-08-2018 708,617
OSRO/CHD/705/EC Appui à la Coordination du Cluster Sécurité Alimentaire pour un Impact Accru des Intervention Humanitaires des Membres de ce Groupe au Tchad 01-07-2017 30-09-2018 236,312
GCP /TAJ/013/EC Strengthening Institutions and Capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture & State Veterinary Inspection Service for Policy Formulation 01-01-2016 31-12-2019 5,550,000
GCP /TIM/008/EC Pro-Resilience Timor-Leste - Strengthening Resilience in Communities Most Affected by Drought 01-06-2017 30-11-2019 2,185,801
GCP /TUR/063/EC Agricultural Implications for Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) to Climate Change in Steppe Ecosystem 01-01-2016 21-10-2018 3,164,021
GCP /URT/148/EC Improve the competitiveness and increase postharvest value chain of small holder farmers 01-06-2017 31-05-2020 1,770,956
GCP /UGA/047/EC Sawlog Production Grant Scheme Phase 3 24-12-2015 23-07-2020 16,931,217
OSRO/VIE/702/EC Drought Forecast Based Financing for Food security, livelihoods and WASH in Vietnam 01-04-2017 30-09-2018 904,923
GCP /RER/040/EC Improving capacities to eliminate and prevent recurrence of obsolete pesticides as a model for tackling unused hazardous chemicals in the former Soviet Union 01-01-2012 31-12-2017 8,000,001
OSRO/YEM/504/EC Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) 2016-2019 01-01-2016 31-12-2019 8,537,195
OSRO/YEM/606/EC Enhancing Yemen Food Security Information Systems and Rural Livelihoods Programme (EFRP) 01-02-2017 31-01-2019 12,691,161
GCP /ZAM/074/EC Conservation Agriculture Scaling Up (CASU) in Zambia 19-06-2013 19-12-2017 14,349,991
OSRO/DRC/703/EC Actions de Securité Alimentaire, Information, Nutrition et Environnement au Sankuru-Actions SAINES 04-11-2017 03-11-2020 3,773,900
GCP /ZIM/020/EC FORESTS FORCES - Forests Sustainably Managed for Communities, Environment and Shocks Resilience 17-12-2013 16-12-2018 4,280,098
GCP /ZIM/022/EC Increased household food, income and nutrition security through commercialization of an integrated and sustainable smallholder livestock sector in Zimbabwe 04-12-2013 03-06-2018 8,438,179
GCP /ZIM/026/EC Smallholder Irrigation Support Programme 12-12-2013 11-12-2018 6,929,706
GCP /SLC/012/EC Workshop on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission. 01-11-2016 31-03-2018 97,760
GCP /SLC/014/EC Support to the creation of a Regional Database and associated transversal WECAFC, CRFM, OSPESCA, IFR 01-05-2017 31-10-2018 86,862
GCP /SLC/015/EC Support to the establishment of a regional fisheries management organization for the WECAFC area 01-09-2017 30-08-2019 111,982
GCP /SNE/004/EC Social Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas (SIMRA) 18-01-2016 17-01-2020 103,425
GCP /GLO/397/EC FAO Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Programme phase III - 01-01-2016 31-12-2020 36,882,353
GCP /GLO/407/EC Leading the field - The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 01-01-2012 21-06-2020 5,665,262
GCP /GLO/486/EC Ensuring the Integrity of the European food chain: FOODINTEGRITY 01-01-2014 01-12-2019 128,542
GCP /GLO/539/EC Support to and capitalization on the EU Land Governance Programme in Africa. 14-05-2014 13-09-2019 2,391,065
GCP /GLO/590/EC BINGO - Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation BioControl Training Network 01-01-2015 31-12-2018 299,790
GCP /GLO/609/EC Big Data Europe 01-01-2015 31-01-2018 77,618
GCP /GLO/623/EC Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries (DiscardLess - Horizon 2020) 01-03-2015 28-02-2019 99,508
GCP /GLO/626/EC Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) 01-01-2015 31-12-2018 4,812,810
GCP /GLO/658/EC Fostering Sustainable Feedstock Production for Advanced Biofuels on underutilised land in Europe (FORBIO) 01-01-2016 31-12-2018 439,643
GCP /GLO/663/EC Support to the implementation of the Global Soil Partnership of FAO - Phase II 23-12-2015 22-03-2019 1,644,737
GCP /GLO/665/EC Improving global forest management through improved global forest information 23-12-2015 22-12-2020 3,837,719
GCP /GLO/675/EC FAO -Support an Effective Global Record Programme to combat IUU Fishing (Phase II) 23-06-2016 22-06-2018 246,171
GCP /GLO/676/EC GROW 01-11-2016 31-10-2019 103,278
GCP /GLO/679/EC SPONGES-Deep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic 01-03-2016 29-02-2020 414,486
GCP /GLO/680/EC IMAGE - Innovative Management of Animal Genetic Resources 01-03-2016 28-02-2020 174,257
GCP /GLO/681/EC AUTHENT-NET - Food Authenticity Research Network (Grant Agreement Number 696371) 01-04-2016 31-03-2018 16,701
GCP /GLO/682/EC Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme (SWM) 09-06-2017 08-06-2024 50,278,500
GCP /GLO/683/EC Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food security (Salsa) 01-04-2016 31-03-2020 365,578
GCP /GLO/725/EC Implementation of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) to facilitate safe trade and dispute avoidance - 2017-2019 01-01-2017 31-12-2019 989,011
GCP /GLO/842/EC Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in farming sector in Europe (BOND) 04-10-2017 03-10-2020 424,517
GCP /GLO/877/EC Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) of the IPPC (third cycle) 01-02-2018 31-01-2021 742,925
GCP /GLO/888/EC IOMC Toolbox for decision making in chemicals management - Phase III: From design to action 01-01-2018 31-12-2020 434,297
GCP /GLO/889/EC FAO Globefish - EC Component 01-01-2017 31-12-2018 34,843
GCP /INT/304/EC Technical Assistance to Dev Countries to improve compliance with IOTC Conservation & Mgmt Measures 01-01-2018 31-12-2019 216,346
GCP /INT/305/EC Support to the IOTC Scientific Committee Program of Work 01-01-2018 31-12-2019 721,154
OSRO/GLO/709/EC Integrated inter-sector needs analysis for efficient and effective joint response planning 15-01-2018 15-07-2019 503,554
GCP /RNE/005/EC DevelopMent AnD application of integrated technological andmanagement solutions FOR wasteWATER treatment and efficientreuse in agriculture tailored to the needs of Mediterranean AfricanCountries (MADFORWATER) 01-06-2016 31-05-2020 85,169

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