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List of EU-Funded Projects
Project Symbol Project Title Start Date End Date Total Budget (USD)
GCP /RLA/179/EC European Commission funded assistance to agricultural diversification in the Windward Islands: Special Framework of Assistance 2007/2008 activities for implementation by FAO 09-12-2009 08-12-2012 1,218,485
GCP /RER/021/EC Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea - AdriaMed EC Year 6 27-11-2014 26-06-2015 227,540
GCP /RER/021/EC - (Y5) Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea - AdriaMed EC Y5 01-04-2013 30-09-2014 376,493
GCP /RER/040/EC Improving capacities to eliminate and prevent recurrence of obsolete pesticides as a model for tackling unused hazardous chemicals in the former Soviet Union 01-01-2012 30-09-2016 8,000,001
GCP /GLO/218/MUL Contribution to the Global Forest Resources Assessment Programme 07-03-2008 31-12-2013 7,810,735
GCP /GLO/316/EC Global Record of Fishing Vessels, Refrigerated Transport Vessels and supply Vessels 22-10-2010 21-04-2011 111,565
GCP /GLO/342/EC AN Integration of Mitigation and Adaptation options for sustainable Livestock production under climate CHANGE (ANIMAL CHANGE) 01-03-2011 28-02-2015 793,373
GCP /GLO/344/EC A data infrastructure to support agricultural scientific communities Promoting data sharing and development of trust in agricultural sciences (agINFRA) - (283770) 15-10-2011 14-02-2015 677,000
GCP /GLO/348/EC Operational Global Carbon Observing System (GEOcarbon) 01-10-2011 01-01-2015 74,146
GCP /GLO/349/EC EuroGEOSS: a European approach to GEOSS - Forestry Operating Capacity 01-10-2011 30-04-2012 146,265
GCP /GLO/363/EC Aquaculture for Food Security, Poverty Alleviation and Nutrition (AFSPAN) 10-02-2012 10-02-2015 1,355,247
GCP /GLO/380/EC Managing semi-natural habitats and on-farm biodiversity to optimize ecological services 01-02-2013 31-01-2017 291,849
GCP /GLO/381/EC Risk-based animal health surveillance - RISKSUR 01-11-2012 31-10-2015 128,082
GCP /GLO/391/EC Impletation Review and Support System (IRSS) 01-04-2014 31-03-2017 794,702
GCP /GLO/395/EC EU FAO Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Support, II 01-05-2012 30-04-2016 12,919,999
GCP /GLO/401/EC STARTREE 14-11-2012 31-10-2016 204,873
GCP /GLO/402/EC Optimising food use for social innovation 02-10-2012 31-07-2016 106,133
GCP /GLO/404/EC Flexible and Precise irrigation Platform to improve Farm scale Water Productivity 01-10-2012 30-09-2016 273,730
GCP /GLO/405/EC Targeted research effort on African swine fever 01-10-2012 30-09-2015 94,996
GCP /GLO/407/EC Leading the field - The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 01-01-2012 31-12-2015 7,140,003
GCP /GLO/418/EC Understanding and coping with food markets voLatilitY towards more Stable World and EU food Systems - ULYSSES 13-11-2012 31-10-2015 293,536
GCP /GLO/449/EC SIGMA: `Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture and its Impact on the Environment in support of GEOGLAM` 01-11-2013 30-04-2017 861,040
GCP /GLO/483/EC MODelling vegetation response to EXTREMe Events - MODEXTREME 07-01-2014 31-12-2016 214,535
GCP /GLO/484/EC Impact of Research on EU Agriculture - IMPRESA 01-11-2013 31-12-2016 336,762
GCP /GLO/485/EC Emerging viral vector borne diseases - VMERGE 01-12-2013 30-11-2016 332,180
GCP /GLO/486/EC Ensuring the Integrity of the European food chain: FOODINTEGRITY 01-01-2014 01-12-2019 128,542
GCP /GLO/487/EC Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and zoonoses in China and EU - LinKTads 01-11-2013 31-10-2016 269,312
GCP /GLO/498/EC IOMC Toolbox for decision making in chemicals management - Phase II: Modification, Expansion and Promotion 09-05-2014 31-10-2016 464,124
GCP /GLO/499/EC Support to the implementation of the Global Soil Partnership of FAO 01-01-2014 31-12-2015 1,322,750
GCP /GLO/539/EC Support to and capitalization on the EU Land Governance Programme in Africa. 14-05-2014 13-09-2019 2,391,064
GCP /GLO/590/EC BINGO - Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation BioControl Training Network 01-01-2015 31-12-2018 299,790
GCP /GLO/609/EC Big Data Europe 01-01-2015 31-01-2018 396,376
GCP /GLO/623/EC Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries (DiscardLess - Horizon 2020) 01-03-2015 28-02-2019 99,508
MTF /GLO/244/MUL Appui à la création et au fonctionnement du panel d?experts de haut niveau en matière de sécurité alimentaire et de nutrition (HLPE) - EC (2010/259-146) 01-01-2011 31-12-2012 200,802
GCP /GLO/311/EC International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) - 2014-2015-2016/7: Facilitating Developing Countries Delegates` attendance at meetings 01-07-2014 30-06-2017 819,282
GCP /INT/006/EC Coordination to Support Fisheries Management in the Western and Central Mediterranean - CopeMed Phase II (EC Year 6) 03-12-2014 02-07-2015 174,636
GCP /INT/006/EC (Y5) Coordination to Support Fisheries Management in the Western and Central Mediterranean - CoopMed Phase II (YEAR 5) 01-04-2013 30-09-2014 424,089
GCP /INT/021/EC Assessment and Monitoring of the Fishery Resources and the Ecosystems in the Strait of Sicily (MedSudMed EC Y3) 30-10-2014 29-05-2015 183,970
GCP /INT/021/EC - Y2 Assessment and Monitoring of the Fishery Resources and the Ecosystems in the Straits of Sicily (MedSudMed Year 2) 01-04-2013 30-09-2014 355,368
GCP /INT/041/EC Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean - EastMed Year 5 03-12-2014 02-07-2015 323,854
GCP /INT/041/EC Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed Year 3) 26-10-2012 31-03-2013 390,595
GCP /INT/041/EC (Y4) Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed Year 4) 01-04-2013 30-09-2014 404,050
GCP /INT/130/EC EU/FAO Improved Global Governance for Hunger Reduction 2012-2015 01-01-2012 31-12-2015 40,000,000
GCP /INT/139/EC Climate Smart Agriculture: Capturing the Synergies between Mitigation, adaptation and food security - (DCI-ENV/2011/282019) 01-01-2012 30-06-2015 4,446,704
GCP /INT/153/EC Capacity-Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements in ACP Countries - Phase 2 ("ACP/MEAs 2") 23-05-2013 22-05-2017 5,019,206
GCP /INT/157/EC Action Against Desertification: in support of the implementation of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI) & south-south cooperation in ACP countries. 28-07-2014 27-02-2019 20,768,746
GCP /INT/157/EC Action Against Desertification: in support of the implementation of the UNCCD national action plans in Fiji and Haiti & south-south cooperation in ACP countries 28-07-2014 27-02-2019 5,490,115
GCP /INT/233/EC Population structure of IOTC species in the Indian Ocean: Estimation with next generation sequencing technologies and Otolith micro-chemistry 01-03-2015 31-08-2018 1,529,487
GCP /INT/234/EC Technical Assistance to Developing Countries to improve implementation of at ?sea observer scheme and data collection, IOTC Conservation and Management Measures 01-01-2015 31-12-2015 155,704
GCP /INT/239/EC Awareness building on and pilot application of FAO technical guidelines on aquaculture certification and its conformity assessment framework among selected FAO Members and sector stakeholders. 18-03-2015 30-11-2015 157,127
GCP /INT/312/EC Technical assistance to developing countries CPC of the IOTC to improve implementation of IOTC CMMs and implementation of Port State Measures 14-03-2014 16-06-2015 156,750
MTF /INT/003/EEC EC Funded Activities (2009-2013) carried out by the FAO European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EUFMD) - (Follow up Phase MTF /INT/003/EEC) 01-10-2009 30-09-2013 9,425,861
MTF /INT/003/EEC EU Funded Activities (2013-2015) carried out by the FAO European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EUFMD) 01-10-2013 30-09-2015 5,318,270
MTF /INT/011/MUL European Commission for Control of Foot-And-Mouth Disease 01-01-1981 31-12-2015 9,992,659
GCP /AFG/073/EC Variety and Seed Industry Development in Afghanistan- Transition Project 01-07-2012 31-12-2013 1,944,961
GCP /ARM/006/EC ENPARD Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia 30-12-2014 29-12-2017 2,439,019
OSRO/RAS/401/EC Consolidating capacities for DRR in Agriculture in South East Asia ( Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, DPRK) 01-07-2014 31-12-2015 2,005,351
GCP /RAF/448/EC Strengthening linkages between small actors and buyers in the Roots and Tubers sector in Africa 09-10-2014 08-10-2018 6,319,000
GCP /RAF/466/EC Implementation of a Regional Strategy for the ESA-IO (IRFS) - Phase II 09-05-2014 31-03-2017 4,621,960
GCP /RAF/482/EC Supporting competitiveness and sustainable intensification of African cotton sectors through capacity development on Integrated Production and Pest Management 25-10-2012 24-10-2016 3,315,650
OSRO/RAF/118/EC Reinforcing Veterinary Governance in Africa 01-01-2012 01-01-2017 1,790,698
OSRO/RAF/220/EC Supporting smallholder farmers in southern Africa to better manage climate-related risks to crop production and post harvest handling 22-12-2012 21-12-2015 2,840,021
GCP /BIH/010/EC Preparation of IPARD Forest and Fisheries Sector Reviews in Bosnia and Herzegovina 01-07-2013 31-01-2015 305,319
OSRO/BGD/401/EC Strengthening the Food Security Cluster in Bangladesh through Improved Cluster Coordination, Information Management, Needs Assessment and Integrated Phase Classification 01-02-2014 31-07-2015 583,907
OSRO/BGD/404/EC Increased food and nutrition security in remote areas of CHT through resilience building measures 12-10-2014 11-10-2015 973,316
GCP /BKF/055/EC Programme de Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle au Burkina Faso (PSANBF) composante 1: " Amélioration des disponibilités et de l`accessibilité alimentaire et monétaire" 02-08-2013 23-07-2016 21,220,159
GCP /BRA/080/EC Municipal Pact for Reducing Deforestation - Sao Felix do Xingu Municipality (Para State) 01-01-2011 25-10-2014 6,426,702
GCP /BZE/001/EC Economic Diversification Of Micro Small And Medium -Enterprises In Northern Belize 01-01-2015 30-06-2017 1,001,300
OSRO/CAF/406/EC Consolidation de la résilience des moyens des communautés affectées par la succession des crises en République Centrafricaine. 26-07-2014 26-11-2015 3,677,098
GCP /COL/059/EC Fortalecimiento de capacidades técnicas, empresariales, institucionales y organizativas para el desarrollo de modelos productivos, generadores de ingresos y de ambientes propicios para la construcción participativa de la paz. 30-09-2014 29-09-2016 2,032,813
GCP /COL/060/EC Fortalecimiento de capacidades institucionales, organizativas y comunitarias - Nuevos Territorios de Paz, Canal del Dique 25-09-2014 24-09-2016 2,007,609
OSRO/COL/402/EC Rapid recovery of food security for vulnerable people affected by violence in the most isolated rural areas of the departments of Cordoba and Putumayo. 01-08-2014 31-07-2015 598,500
GCP /DJI/004/EC Supporting Horn of Africa`s Resilience - Projet de Sécurisation des Systèmes Pastoraux (PSSP) à Djibouti 26-06-2014 25-06-2018 8,002,702
GCP /DOM/018/EC Asistencia técnica para apoyar las actividades del VIII Censo Nacional Agropecuario de la República Dominicana 01-02-2015 31-10-2015 635,324
GCP /ETH/083/EC Pursuing Pastoral Resilience (PPR) through improved animal health service delivery in pastoral areas of Ethiopia 15-09-2014 30-10-2017 11,787,729
GCP /ETH/089/EC Strengthening Institutionalized Subnational Coordination Structures and Harmonization Mechanisms 01-10-2014 30-09-2017 3,298,153
OSRO/ETH/407/EC Technical assistance to ECHO partners involved in Multi-sector Resilience Programming and livelihood support in drought affected EU cluster areas of Ethiopia et 01-08-2014 31-12-2015 1,251,564
GCP /GEO/001/EC Capacity building/support to the MoA of ENPARD Georgia project 15-06-2013 14-06-2016 2,368,692
OSRO/GEO/101/EC Support for achieving sustainable livelihoods through agricultural cost-shared investments in IDP settlements and constraint returnee areas in Georgia 12-12-2012 11-06-2015 2,669,980
GCP /GAM/026/EC Improving food security through crop production intensification and school feeding program 03-04-2013 02-04-2016 5,501,332
OSRO/GAZ/201/EC Support to livestock based livelihoods of vulnerable population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (The institutional level component of the Food Security Thematic Programme [FSTP]) 01-02-2013 31-01-2016 4,485,000
GCP /HAI/031/EC Assistance technique et institutionnelle au Programme d'appui à la Gouvernance de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle en Haiti 08-04-2014 31-12-2017 1,088,000
OSRO/HAI/203/EC Améliorer la situation de sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des ménages vulnérables dans le département de l`Artibonite 01-11-2012 30-04-2015 1,930,501
GCP /KEN/076/EC Reviving ASAL Economies through Livestock Opportunities and Coordination 25-09-2014 24-09-2018 7,623,033
GCP /KEN/077/EC Support for sustainable land governance and the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines in communal lands of Kenya 15-01-2014 14-01-2016 3,446,180
GCP /KEN/079/EC Increased productivity and profitability of small holder farmers through promotion and up ? scaling of GAP & CA in productive Semi-Arid areas of Kenya (IPP-GAP) 16-05-2014 15-05-2018 13,142,105
OSRO/KEN/102/EC Improved Community Drought Response and Resilience (ICDRR) 02-08-2011 01-08-2015 6,821,486
OSRO/CMB/101/EC Improving food security and market linkages for smallholders in Otdar Meanchey and Preah Vihear Provinces in Cambodia 01-01-2012 30-06-2015 5,167,959
OSRO/DRK/106/EC Enhanced food and nutrition security through conservation agriculture and double cropping 01-01-2012 30-06-2015 1,894,377
GCP /LEB/023/EC Support to the MoA in strengthening and modernizing the Agricultural Statistics System 03-02-2014 30-12-2016 870,329
GCP /SRL/062/EC "European Union - Support to District Development Programme" (EU-SDDP) 01-07-2012 30-06-2017 16,650,000
OSRO/LES/401/EC Building Lesotho resilience through the upscale of Climate Smart Agriculture and functional DRR Land Resources Information 01-09-2014 31-12-2015 813,215
GCP /RLA/202/EC Support to the implementation of the Amazon Ecosystem-based Conservation Vision to the benefit of local communities and the preservation of ecosystem services in the Amazon region 03-02-2014 31-01-2019 6,784,262
GCP /MAG/081/EC Actions Intégrées en Nutrition et Alimentation 26-01-2014 25-01-2017 16,652,926
OSRO/MAG/303/EC Emergency Support to the Locust Campaign 2013/14 in response to the locust plague in Madagascar 29-05-2013 31-03-2015 5,427,408
GCP /MAU/034/EC « Amélioration durable des conditions de vie des populations les plus affectées par la crise alimentaire et nutritionnelle 2012 (phase de relèvement) » 27-06-2013 26-06-2015 1,960,735
GCP /MOZ/111/EC National Programme on Food security - (EU-MDG Initiative - Agriculture, food security, rural development and natural resource management) 05-06-2013 04-06-2018 27,392,755
GCP /NAM/018/EC Strengthening the capacity of farmers to manage climate-related risks in Northern Namibia 01-03-2015 28-02-2018 1,133,786
GCP /NER/047/MUL Intensification de l’Agriculture par le Renforcement des Boutiques d’Intrants Coopératives (IARBIC) -INTRANTS II 01-09-2008 30-06-2013 7,009,395
GCP /PNG/006/EC Technical support to the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority to implement a multi-purpose National Forest Inventory. 21-12-2014 30-09-2017 6,823,528
GCP /SUD/038/EC Food Security Policy and Strategy Capacity Building Programme 07-11-2012 06-11-2015 11,168,824
GCP /SOM/054/EC Rebuilding confidence on land issues in Somalia 20-05-2014 19-05-2016 3,125,344
OSRO/SOM/304/EC Sustainable Peri-urban Dairy and Economic Development of the Milk Value Chain in Somaliland 18-08-2013 17-06-2016 2,238,059
OSRO/SOM/405/EC FAO Resilience Programme 01-04-2014 30-09-2015 6,006,510
GCP /SSD/003/EC Agriculture and Food Information System (AFIS) for decision support in South Sudan 01-01-2013 31-12-2015 11,162,587
GCP /SSD/008/EC Enhanced Knowledge and Education for Resilient Pastoral Livelihoods in South Sudan 13-12-2014 12-12-2017 6,257,822
GCP /SSD/009/EC Sustainable Agricultural Development through Strengthening Extension, Inputs Supply and Services 01-02-2015 31-01-2019 16,811,963
GCP /SWA/016/EC Swaziland Agricultural Development Project (SADP) 17-01-2009 30-11-2014 18,030,438
GCP /CHD/038/EC Appui à la mise en place d`un Système d`Information durable sur la sécurité alimentaire et d`alerte précoce 08-03-2013 07-03-2017 4,513,817
OSRO/CHD/308/EC Protection et mise en ?uvre participative des cuvettes oasiennes du Kanem (FED/2013/323-90) 01-02-2014 31-01-2016 700,438
OSRO/CHD/403/EC Appui à l`amélioration de l?impact des interventions humanitaires dans le secteur de la sécurité alimentaire au Tchad par l`animation efficace du groupe sectoriel et le renforcement de capacités d?action des membres. 01-04-2014 31-07-2015 366,847
OSRO/CHD/404/EC Projet de relance des activités socio-économiques et de renforcement de la résilience des populations retournées de Libye et des communautés d`accueil du Kanem 14-05-2014 13-05-2016 1,921,300
GCP /TAJ/007/EC Support to Strengthening of the National Food Security Information System - (DCI-food/2011/261-087) 23-03-2011 22-03-2015 2,682,782
GCP /TIM/005/EC NIEWS Establishing a sustainable National Information and Early Warning System (NIEWS) on Food Security in Timor-Leste 01-02-2012 31-07-2015 1,357,080
GCP /UGA/041/EC Global Climate Change Alliance: Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Uganda (Government managed component) 26-07-2012 18-07-2016 4,975,124
GCP /UGA/041/EC Global Climate Change Alliance: Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Uganda - Pass Through 2% 26-07-2012 18-07-2016 99,504
GCP /UGA/041/EC Global Climate Change Alliance: Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Uganda 19-07-2012 18-07-2016 8,606,967
GCP /YEM/035/EC Food Security Information System in Yemen 14-10-2013 13-10-2016 7,822,799
OSRO/SRB/401/EC Agricultural and Food Security Emergency assistance to flood affected small-scale farmers in Serbia 23-08-2014 22-08-2015 10,695,185
GCP /ZAM/074/EC Conservation Agriculture Scaling Up (CASU) in Zambia 15-07-2013 14-07-2017 14,349,991
OSRO/DRC/206/EC Programme intégré de réponse à la malnutrition et à l?insécurité alimentaire en République Démocratique du Congo 08-08-2012 07-08-2015 2,706,000
GCP /ZIM/020/EC FORESTS FORCES - Forests Sustainably Managed for Communities, Environment and Shocks Resilience 03-01-2014 12-12-2016 5,055,556
GCP /ZIM/022/EC Increased household food, income and nutrition security through commercialization of an integrated and sustainable smallholder livestock sector in Zimbabwe 03-01-2014 05-12-2017 9,240,000
GCP /ZIM/024/EC Support to the roll out and implementation of the Food and Nutrition Policy through the strengthening of the Food and Nutrition Council (FNC) 12-12-2013 11-06-2016 660,000
GCP /ZIM/026/EC Smallholder Irrigation Support Programme 01-12-2013 30-11-2017 7,800,000
OSRO/ZIM/204/EC To improve the food and nutrition security and income generation of smallholder farmers through better resource utilization and streamlined coordination mechanisms 01-01-2013 31-12-2014 2,652,524

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