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List of Operationally Active projects for all Organizational Units in Afghanistan by funding source

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Symbol Title From To Total Budget Available Budget
as at Jan 1st 2014
Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)
TCP/AFG/3402 Analysis on Water Availability and uses in Afghanistan River Basins 2012 2014 349,000 227,072
TCP/AFG/3403 TCP Facility 2012 2013 252,893 137,358
TCP/AFG/3404 Strengthening National Capacity to Address Food and Nutrition problems in Afghanistan 2013 2015 394,000 332,687
TCP/AFG/3501 Harmonization and Finalization of Land Cover Mapping and Approaches` to Agricultural Monitoring 2014 2015 485,000 0
TCP/INT/3202 Improving management of migratory and other locusts in the Caucasus and Central Asia 2009 2011 309,595 0
TCP/RAS/3308 TCP Facility (SAARC) 2010 2012 161,775 0
TCP/RAS/3404 TCP Facility (SAARC) 2012 2014 132,942 87,591
TCP/RAS/3505 TCP Facility (SAARC) 2014 2015 66,233 0
Other Trust Funds (TF)
MTF /INT/034/STB Set up of child centres "We are the Future" (WAF) to deliver an effective urban gardening and nutrition and health education programme for children and youth, especially of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) 2006 2015 488,419 358,210
OSRO/AFG/007/JPN Protect the livelihoods of vulnerable livestock holders in flooded-affected and conflict areas of Afghanistan through the provision of animal feed 2011 2014 11,000,000 2,541,469
OSRO/AFG/201/JPN Programme for Increase of Agricultural Production by the Improvement of Productivity (Phase-III) Improving access to agricultural inputs of vulnerable rural household and disaster affected farmers in Afghanistan 2012 2014 11,190,489 1,395,178
OSRO/AFG/302/USA Support to Coordination of Food Security and Agriculture Emergency Preparedness and Response 2013 2014 300,000 81,887
OSRO/AFG/303/EC Support to coordination of food security and agriculture emergency preparedness and response 2013 2014 875,000 357,975
OSRO/AFG/304/BEL Emergency support to improve food security and livelihoods of vulnerable farming families affected by flash floods in Surobi district of Kabul province, Afghanistan for the autumn 2013 and spring 2014 planting seasons 2013 2014 500,000 500,000
OSRO/AFG/401/USA Effective, timely and strategic Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) coordination solutions to food insecurity in Afghanistan 2014 2014 0 0
OSRO/RAS/901/EC Improvement of regional capacities for the prevention, control and eradication of highly pathogenic and emerging diseases (HPED) including HPAI in ASEAN and SAARC countries 2009 2014 10,936,667 1,919,319
Trust Fund/FAO-Government Cooperative Programme (TF/GCP)
GCP /AFG/046/ITA Integrated Dairy Scheme Development in Herat Province 2007 2013 4,378,097 61,885
GCP /AFG/058/NOR Promoting Integrated Pest Management in Afghanistan 2009 2014 7,843,812 2,237,096
GCP /AFG/061/LUX Support to household food security and livelihood of vulnerable and food insecure farming families affected by high prices and drought 2010 2013 2,135,700 -623
GCP /AFG/066/JPN The Programme for Improvement of Irrigation Systems and Construction of Micro-hydropower Facilities in Kabul and Bamyan Provinces 2010 2013 16,227,860 301,599
GCP /AFG/071/JPN The Programme for Improvement of Irrigation Systems in Kabul and Bamyan Provinces -(Grant Agreement No.1161080) 2012 2015 16,816,431 10,833,244
GCP /AFG/072/LUX Support to Extension Systems, Household Food and Livelihood Security (HFLS) phase II 2013 2016 2,370,350 2,147,445
GCP /AFG/073/EC Variety and Seed Industry Development in Afghanistan- Transition Project 2012 2013 1,944,961 117,038
GCP /AFG/074/HUN Improving Food and Nutrition Security at household level in Baghlan province using food-based approaches 2013 2013 46,669 11,805
GCP /AFG/075/GER Strengthening Policy Development and Coordination for Food and Nutrition Security in Afghanistan- Implementation Support for the ?Food for Life? National Priority 2013 2015 2,398,979 2,335,045
GCP /AFG/077/JPN The Programme of Improvement of Irrigation Systems in Kabul, Bamyan and Kapisa Provinces in Afghanistan 2013 2016 22,221,067 21,149,876
GCP /AFG/078/JCA Capacity Development of Irrigation Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 2013 2015 3,310,001 3,295,713
GCP /INT/123/MUL Seed Sector Development in Countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization 2013 2015 400,000 323,432
UNJP/AFG/054/SPA Strengthened Approach for the Integration of Sustainable Environmental Management into the ANDS/PRSP (MDGF-1713) 2008 2013 2,745,571 34,727
UNJP/AFG/057/SPA Feeding the Children of Afghanistan Together (MDGF-2008) 2009 2013 3,665,178 -17,176
Uniteral Trust Fund (TF/UTF)
UTF /AFG/060/AFG Development of Integrated Dairy Schemes in Nangarhar Province 2010 2014 5,370,028 587,844
UTF /AFG/064/AFG Backyard Poultry Development in Balkh and Jowzjan Provinces 2010 2014 1,160,250 60,338
UTF /AFG/067/AFG Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Irrigation and Water Resources Management Project in the Pashtun Zarghun district of Herat Province 2013 2014 910,113 820,615
UTF /AFG/070/AFG Irrigation Restoration and Development Project 2011 2017 27,746,213 16,705,209
UTF /AFG/080/AFG Dairy Industry Development in Kabul, Logar and Parwan provinces 2014 2020 8,521,123 0

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