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List of Operationally Active projects for all Organizational Units in Turkey, Republic of by funding source

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Symbol Title From To Total Budget Available Budget
as at Jan 1st 2015
Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)
TCP/INT/3401 Support for the implementation and development of the CountrySTAT framework in the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) countries 2012 2015 349,000 146,278
TCP/INT/3503 Technical assistance for the formulation of strategies for the control of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) at global and regional levels 2015 2015 500,000 500,000
TCP/TUR/3501 TCP Facility 2014 2016 135,430 58,106
Other Trust Funds (TF)
EP /INT/911/GEF Strategic Partnership for the Med Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Regional Component: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its Coastal Areas - FSP 2009 2015 800,000 95,636
Trust Fund/FAO-Government Cooperative Programme (TF/GCP)
GCP /GLO/337/GFF Decision Support for Mainstreaming and Scaling up of Sustainable Land Management - DS-SLM (FSP) 2015 2018 6,116,730 0
GCP /GLO/637/WBK Aquaculture zoning, site selection and area management under the ecosystem approach to aquaculture 2015 2015 80,000 0
GCP /GLO/805/GFF Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation and sustainable use for improved human nutrition and wellbeing -(FSP) 2013 2017 2,639,077 0
GCP /INT/041/GRE Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed) 2009 2015 2,256,734 588,867
GCP /INT/041/ITA Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed) 2009 2016 1,054,219 48,184
GCP /INT/123/MUL Seed Sector Development in Countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization 2013 2015 400,000 153,391
GCP /RER/025/TUR Identification and formulation of a project to strengthen Scientific, Technical and Institutional cooperation to support responsible fisheries in the Black Sea 2012 2015 100,000 27,114
GCP /RER/044/TUR ECO Regional Coordination Centre for Food Security (RCC-FS) 2013 2016 499,212 317,333
GCP /SEC/002/TUR Capacity Building for Sustainable Management of Mountain Watersheds in Central Asia and the Caucasus 2012 2015 300,000 64,536
GCP /SEC/007/TUR Capacity Development Support to Rural Women on the Socio-economic and Gender Aspects of Sustainable Rural Development 2013 2015 299,000 138,308
GCP /SEC/008/TUR Strengthening national capacities for production and analysis of sex-disaggregated data through the implementation of the FAO Gender and Agriculture Framework (GASF) 2013 2016 330,000 262,070
GCP /SEC/009/TUR Enhancing Visibility of the FAO-Turkey Partnership Programme (FTPP) 2013 2016 197,495 179,664
GCP /TUR/055/GFF Sustainable Land Management and Climate Friendly Agriculture (FSP) 2015 2018 5,750,000 0
GCP /TUR/060/GFF Alignment of Turkey`s National Action Plan with UNCCD 10-Year Strategy and Reporting Process 2014 2015 136,986 17,276
GCP /TUR/062/GFF Conservation and Sustainable Management of Turkey`s Steppe Ecosystems (PPG) 2014 2015 91,324 91,324
Uniteral Trust Fund (TF/UTF)
UTF /TUR/060/TUR Strengthening of national and institutional capacity on land consolidation 2014 2015 124,999 70,751

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