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List of Operationally Active projects for all Organizational Units in Philippines by funding source

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Symbol Title From To Total Budget Available Budget
as at Jan 1st 2016
Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)
TCP/INT/3502 Reducing and managing the risks of Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) of cultured shrimp 2015 2017 422,000 282,148
TCP/PHI/3502 Building Capacities for a Climate Resilient Tilapia Farming in the Philippines 2015 2017 226,000 128,846
TCP/PHI/3505 Mainstreaming Voluntary Guidelines on Governance of Tenure (Philippines) 2016 2017 396,000 0
TCP/PHI/3602/C1 TCPF: Assessment and consolidation of FFS interventions in Save and Grow-SIRP 2016 2017 38,837 0
TCP/PHI/3603 Emergency assistance for drought-affected farmers in ARMM and Region XII Philippines 2016 2017 500,000 0
TCP/PHI/3604 Development of an Enhanced Production and Risk Management in Agriculture Integrated Decision Support System (EPRiMA) 2017 2018 470,000 0
TCP/PHI/3605 Emergency assistance to restore agricultural production in typhoon-affected communities in Region III 2017 2017 410,000 0
TCP/RAS/3512 Promoting Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in Selected Southeast Asian Countries 2016 2017 300,000 300,000
TCP/RAS/3513 Strengthening the e-Agriculture environment and developing ICT-mediated agricultural solutions for countries in Asia-Pacific 2016 2017 225,000 225,000
TCP/RAS/3601/C1 TCPF: Support for a Regional Programme on the 2030 Agenda and climate-smart agriculture 2016 2016 7,223 0
TCP/RAS/3603 Promote scaling-up of innovative rice-fish farming and climate resilient Tilapia pond culture practices for blue growth in Asia 2017 2018 490,000 0
TCP/RAS/3604 Addressing the 2030 Agenda on climate change and food security through Climate-Smart Agriculture 2017 2018 496,000 0
Other Trust Funds (TF)
MTF /INT/661/MUL Indian Ocean Tuna Commission 1997 2017 42,856,096 5,795,367
MTF /RAS/257/MUL Biennial sessions of Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) Mandatory contributions paid by contributing contracting governments as per articles II, III, IV, XIV to the APPPC agreement 2010 2021 1,220,056 -492,156
OSRO/PHI/501/NZE Restoring Agricultural Livelihoods in Conflict-Affected Areas in North Cotabato Province, Central Mindanao 2015 2017 2,999,999 2,866,414
SFER/GLO/002/MUL SFERA Revolving Fund Component - Emergency Coordination Units 2012 2099 5,317,966 115,803
SFER/GLO/101/MUL SFERA Revolving Fund Component - Needs Assessment and Programme Development window 2015 2025 3,011,184 1,226,473
UNFA/GLO/616/UND Supporting Developing Countries to Integrate the Agricultural Sectors into National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) 2015 2018 10,139,335 7,324,936
Trust Fund/FAO-Government Cooperative Programme (TF/GCP)
GCP /GLO/337/GFF Decision Support for Mainstreaming and Scaling up of Sustainable Land Management - DS-SLM (FSP) 2015 2018 6,116,730 5,528,557
GCP /PHI/062/GFF Dynamic Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity to ensure Food Security and Ecosystems Services and Resiliency (FSP) 2016 2019 2,182,631 0
GCP /RAS/269/GFF Strategies for Trawl Fisheries Bycatch Management (FSP) 2011 2017 3,000,000 684,959
GCP /RAS/295/JPN Support for Capacity Building for International Food Safety Standard Development and Implementation in ASEAN Countries 2016 2021 2,260,700 0
UNJP/PHI/065/CEF Adopting the Early Warning System for Food and Nutrition Security (EWS-FNS) as basis for local program planning for timely response to an impending food crisis and reducing malnutrition in 10 Municipalities in the Region VI (Western Visayas) 2014 2016 559,309 394,056
Uniteral Trust Fund (TF/UTF)
UTF/PHI/067/PHI Support for Enhancing Climate-Resilient Agri-Fisheries in the Philippines 2017 2017 4,107,659 0

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