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as at Jan 1st 2015
Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)
TCP/INT/3503 Technical assistance for the formulation of strategies for the control of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) at global and regional levels 2015 2015 500,000 500,000
TCP/NEP/3501 TCP Facility 2014 2016 137,006 66,899
TCP/NEP/3502 Strengthening pesticide management in agriculture to reduce risks to health and environment 2015 2016 350,000 0
TCP/NEP/3503 Building Agribusiness Capacity of Smallholder Farmers to Market Safe Produce of Good Quality 2015 2016 350,000 0
TCP/NEP/3504 Emergency response to restore the rural livelihoods of earthquake-affected farmers 2015 2016 500,000 0
TCP/RAS/3308 TCP Facility (SAARC) 2010 2012 161,775 0
TCP/RAS/3404 TCP Facility (SAARC) 2012 2014 132,942 82,491
TCP/RAS/3405 Institutional Capacity Strengthening for Analysis, Design and Dissemination of Policy Approaches to Address Risk and Vulnerability of the Rural Poor at the Country Level 2013 2015 458,000 163,052
TCP/RAS/3409 Building statistical capacity for quality food security and nutrition information in support of better informed policies 2013 2015 450,000 324,749
TCP/RAS/3501 Development of Standards and Scheme for Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) Implementation and Certification in countries of SAARC 2014 2016 479,000 367,849
TCP/RAS/3502 Reduction of post-harvest losses in horticultural chains in SAARC Countries 2014 2016 487,000 471,594
TCP/RAS/3505 TCP Facility (SAARC) 2014 2015 298,988 198,780
TCP/RAS/3506 Strengthening Forest Tenure for Sustaining Livelihoods and Generating Income 2014 2016 375,000 374,969
TCP/RAS/3508 Strengthening the Capacity of SAARC in the Development, Co-ordination and Monitoring of a Regional Food Security and Nutrition Framework, Strategies and Programmes 2015 2017 474,000 0
TCP/RAS/3509 Regional Initiative for Zero Hunger Challenge: Promoting an Integrated Home Garden and School Garden Approach for food and nutrition security in selected Southeast Asian Countries 2015 2016 280,000 0
TeleFood Activities
TFD-14/NEP/001 Community based off-season vegetable and maize seed production and marketing 2015 2016 10,000 0
Other Trust Funds (TF)
EP /GLO/802/GEF Conservation and management of pollinators for sustainable agriculture through an ecosystem approach: FULL-SIZED PROJECT: Follow on from EP/GLO/301/GEF: PDF-B) 2009 2015 7,810,681 536,273
FMM/GLO/111/MUL FMM support to SO 1 - OO 101 (MTP 2014-2017) 2014 2017 1,405,260 594,589
OSRO/NEP/401/USA Immediate technical assistance to strengthen emergency preparedness for highly pathogenic avian influenza 2014 2016 410,001 160,000
OSRO/NEP/501/BEL NEPAL - earthquake Flash Appeal 2015 2015 2016 500,000 0
OSRO/NEP/502/ITA Emergency Assistance for Agricultural Livelihoods in Earthquake affected Districts 2015 2015 533,720 0
OSRO/NEP/503/NOR Emergency assistance to restore agricultural-based livelihoods of vulnerable earthquake-affected smallholder farmers in the six most affected districts in Nepal 2015 2015 2,548,861 0
OSRO/NEP/504/CAN Restoring agricultural-based livelihoods of vulnerable earthquake-affected smallholder farmers in Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, Dhading, Gorkha, Rasuwa and Dolakha 2015 2016 1,551,470 0
SFER/GLO/101/MUL SFERA Revolving Fund Component - Needs Assessment and Programme Development window 2015 2025 1,806,570 0
UNFA/GLO/616/UND Supporting Developing Countries to Integrate the Agricultural Sectors into National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) 2015 2018 7,392,083 0
Trust Fund/FAO-Government Cooperative Programme (TF/GCP)
GCP /GLO/454/NOR Building Capacity in the Science-Policy Interface of Pollination Services (GCP/GLO/454/NOR) 2013 2015 527,120 81,784
GCP /NEP/070/LDF Reducing vulnerability and increasing adaptive capacity to respond to impacts of climate change and variability for sustainable livelihoods in agriculture sector (FSP) 2015 2019 2,689,498 0
GCP /RAS/276/IFA Pro-Poor Policy Approaches to Address Risk and Vulnerability at the Country Level 2012 2016 1,500,000 760,343
GCP /RAS/286/ROK Support to Capacity Development in Implementation of Plant Pest Surveillance and Information Management in Southeast Asian Countries 2013 2016 1,796,642 1,351,237
GCP /RAS/294/ASB Regional Capacity Development for Regional Cooperation on Food Security through Control of TADs in South Asia 2015 2017 1,921,315 0
MTF/NEP/068/OPS Enhancing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Capacity of Nepalese Ginger Exports through Public Private Partnerships 2012 2015 711,550 42,587
MTF/NEP/068/STF Enhancing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Capacity of Nepalese Ginger Exports through Public Private Partnerships 2012 2015 462,143 73,317
UNJP/NEP/074/UNJ Accelerating Progress toward the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Nepal: A Joint Pilot Contributing to the Implementation of the Agricultural Development Strategy 2015 2015 297,474 0
Uniteral Trust Fund (TF/UTF)

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