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List of Operationally Active projects for all Organizational Units in Fiji, Republic of by funding source

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Symbol Title From To Total Budget Available Budget
as at Jan 1st 2016
Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)
TCP/FIJ/3501 TCP Facility 2014 2016 200,038 69,806
TCP/FIJ/3502 First Season-Long Training of Trainers (ToT) on Integrated Rice Crop Management under the National Rice Revitalization Programme of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) 2014 2017 333,000 206,157
TCP/FIJ/3503 Development of Agricultural Information for Policy 2015 2017 217,000 217,000
TCP/FIJ/3504 Emergency assistance for the re-establishment of agricultural and fisheries production in households in areas most affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston 2016 2017 498,000 0
TCP/RAS/3513 Strengthening the e-Agriculture environment and developing ICT-mediated agricultural solutions for countries in Asia-Pacific 2016 2017 225,000 225,000
TCP/SAP/3601/C1 TCPF: Formulation of Pacific Country Programming Framework 2018-22 2016 2017 99,500 0
Other Trust Funds (TF)
FMM/GLO/112/MUL FMM support to SO 2 - OO 201 (MTP 2014-2017) 2014 2017 9,311,922 6,893,191
MTF /RAS/257/MUL Biennial sessions of Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) Mandatory contributions paid by contributing contracting governments as per articles II, III, IV, XIV to the APPPC agreement 2010 2021 1,220,056 -492,156
OSRO/FIJ/602/BEL Emergency Support to Re-establish Agricultural, Fisheries & Aquatic Plant Production Post TC Winston 2016 2017 300,000 0
OSRO/RAS/501/EC Enhanced national and local capacity for integrating disatser risk reduction (DRR) in agriculture in national services and community practices in high-risk Pacific Island Countries (PICs) 2015 2016 650,056 445,524
Trust Fund/FAO-Government Cooperative Programme (TF/GCP)
GCP /RAS/262/GFF Forestry and Protected Area Management in Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and Niue (FSP) 2011 2017 6,283,751 3,004,671
GCP /RAS/263/GFF Pacific POPs Release Reduction through Improved Management of Solid and Hazardous Wastes (FSP) 2015 2017 479,000 212,382
GCP /RAS/267/GFF Implementation of Global and Regional Oceanic Fisheries Conventions and Related Instruments in the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) (FSP) 2015 2019 5,000,000 -14

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