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List of Operationally Active projects for all Organizational Units in Ethiopia, Federal Democratic Republic of by funding source

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Symbol Title From To Total Budget Available Budget
as at Jan 1st 2017
Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)
TCP/ETH/3504 Emergency assistance for vulnerable smallholder households affected by El Niño-induced drought in eastern Amhara and southern Tigray Regions 2016 2017 500,000 53,694
TCP/ETH/3601 Emergency assistance for vulnerable smallholder households affected by El Niño-induced drought in Amhara, Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) and Tigray Regions 2016 2017 500,000 95,081
TCP/ETH/3602 Supporting the energy needs of refugees and host communities through the establishment of sustainable wood fuel management strategies and plans in Ethiopia 2016 2018 304,000 275,562
TCP/ETH/3603 Transforming livelihoods of Tekeze Reservoir fishing communities through value addition and co-management interventions 2016 2018 427,000 427,000
TCP/RAF/3507 Support to the regional initiative on resilience in the Sahel and Horn of Africa 2015 2017 495,000 323,455
TCP/SFE/3505 Ending Hunger in the Horn of Africa: Moving from Rhetoric to Action 2016 2017 350,000 325,273
TCP/SFE/3603/C2 TCPF: Operationalizing the Regional Resilience R&D Platform/(3RDP) in the Arid and Semi-arid Lands 2016 2017 30,000 19,348
Other Trust Funds (TF)
GCP /ETH/089/EC Strengthening Institutionalized Subnational Coordination Structures and Harmonization Mechanisms 2014 2017 3,298,153 2,140,142
GCP /INT/240/ITA Youth mobility, food security and rural poverty reduction: Fostering rural diversification through enhanced youth employment and better labour mobility 2015 2017 2,500,000 1,737,305
GCP /INT/696/EC Support to and Capitalization on the EU Land Governance Programme (Phase II). 2016 2020 2,787,069 2,787,069
GCP /RAF/495/MUL Africa`s South-South Cooperation Facility for Agriculture and Food Security 2015 2017 1,000,000 102,299
MTF /ETH/094/IFP Evaluation of the United Nations Joint Programme on Rural Women?s Economic Empowerment (JP-RWEE) 2016 2020 99,994 53,466
OSRO/ETH/604/CHA Emergency seed support to enhance food security and nutrition of drought-affected households in Amha 2016 2017 1,039,990 -836,399
OSRO/ETH/605/SPA Emergency Assistance to Drought Affected Food Insecure Vulnerable Pastoralist Households in Somali R 2016 2017 56,055 53,353
OSRO/ETH/606/NET Emergency livelihood support to El Niño-affected Smallholder farmers in Amhara, Oromia, SNNP, Tigray 2016 2017 2,267,527 781,136
OSRO/ETH/609/USA Technical coordination and support to reduce the impacts of El Niño and La Niña on the livelihoods, 2016 2017 950,001 851,735
OSRO/ETH/610/CAN Urgent asset protection support to safeguard livestock-based livelihoods in drought-affected communities of Borena Zone in Oromia Region, ethiopia 2016 2017 374,080 374,080
OSRO/ETH/701/CHA Emergency Response to Safeguard lives & livestock-based livelihoods in drought-affected Communities 2017 2017 3,000,004 0
OSRO/ETH/702/CHA Livelihood interventions to safeguard and revitalize livestock-based communities prone to drought 2017 2017 900,004 0
OSRO/RAF/407/USA Collaborative International Engagement to Prevent and Mitigate Threats from Especially Dangerous Pathogens in Targeted East African Countries 2014 2017 558,732 200,189
SFER/GLO/002/MUL SFERA Revolving Fund Component - Emergency Coordination Units 2012 2099 5,317,966 188,199
SFER/GLO/101/MUL SFERA Revolving Fund Component - Needs Assessment and Programme Development window 2015 2025 2,621,008 776,433
Trust Fund/FAO-Government Cooperative Programme (TF/GCP)
GCP /ETH/073/ITA Strengthening of fruit and cactus pear production in Tigray and North Wollo 2007 2016 3,275,000 101,095
GCP /ETH/083/EC Pursuing Pastoral Resilience (PPR) through improved animal health service delivery in pastoral areas of Ethiopia 2014 2017 11,787,729 7,556,668
GCP /ETH/084/SWI Reducing Food Losses through Improved Postharvest management in Ethiopia Phase 1 2013 2017 3,351,040 1,293,041
GCP /ETH/088/GER Food Loss Reduction through Improved Postharvest Handling and Value-addition of Key Fruits and Vegetables 2016 2019 2,000,000 1,893,521
GCP /GLO/626/EC Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) 2015 2018 4,812,810 3,204,889
GCP /INT/229/NET Monitoring water productivity by Remote Sensing as a tool to assess possibilities to reduce water productivity gaps 2015 2019 9,992,590 4,921,452
GCP /RAF/496/NOR Support Transition Towards Climate Smart Agriculture Food Systems 2015 2017 1,159,634 749,901
GCP /SFE/002/SWI Institutionalization of Field Schools in Eastern Africa 2015 2017 990,000 712,691
GCP /SFE/261/SWI IGAD-FAO Partnership Programme on Drought Resilience 2016 2017 2,000,000 505,778
MTF /GLO/345/BMG CountrySTAT for Sub-Saharan Africa: Strengthening the CountrySTAT System established in 17 Sub-Saharan African Countries - Phase II of GCP/GLO/208/BMG (Grant OPPGD1452) 2011 2016 6,929,304 61,167
UNJP/ETH/087/CEF Scaling-up Community-Based Nutrition (CBN) and hygiene interventions in Amhara and SNNP Regions through strengthened inter-sectoral collaboration for optimal nutrition outcomes 2014 2017 3,758,803 1,741,407
UNJP/ETH/090/CEF Integrated Nutrition Services:Multisectoral Interventions to Improve Nutrition Security and Strengthen Resilience (EC project with UNICEF as AA) 2014 2017 3,486,684 2,259,714
UNJP/ETH/091/UNJ Rural Women Economic Empowerment (RWEE) 2015 2017 510,048 276,290
UNJP/ETH/092/UID Technical Support for the Implementation of an Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (IAIP) in Ethiopia 2016 2018 632,083 632,083
UNJP/ETH/093/UNJ Joint program on RURAL WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT/JP RWEE 2016 2017 246,016 199,341
Uniteral Trust Fund (TF/UTF)
UTF /ETH/081/ETH Technical Support for Agricultural Growth Programme 2012 2016 1,500,000 199,816
UTF /ETH/086/ETH Implementation of a national forest monitoring and MRV system for REDD+ readiness in Ethiopia 2014 2018 3,915,349 2,038,329

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